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Thank You

With gratitude to our donors, foundations and individuals alike, for supporting the establishment and ongoing expansion of the services provided through both Informed Final Choices and the Crestone End of Life Project.

The Metabolic Studio/Annenberg Foundation
Thanks to the Metabolic Studio / Annenberg Foundation for a $12,000 grant in 2012, which funded the establishment of the educational outreach organization Informed Final Choices and its subsequent program development.

Soaring Eagle Foundation for supporting the initial establishing of Informed Final Choices as an educational 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

Saguache County Commissioners for ongoing support
Saguache County Government website, Commissioners

Ashley Russell and team A Design
Thanks to team A design and Ashley Russell for developing the Informed Final Choices and Crestone End of Life Project website. team A design is a boutique creative studio focused on website design and development.

Mark Talbot
Thanks to web designer, long-time CEOLP member, and fellow Crestonian Mark Talbot for his passion, vision, and hard work in developing our first CEOLP and IFC websites and supporting the technical details and hand-offs needed to develop the new sites you see here. Mark now has taken on an active role as the IFC and CEOLP Content Manager. Thanks also to Mark for designing the beautiful CEOLP and IFC logos.

Carrie Christopher
Thanks to the former CEOLP and IFC web content manager Carrie Christopher for her previous work developing web content for both organizations, for helping to spearhead the content and launch of the new sites (designed and developed by Ashley Russell and team A Design, acknowledged above), and for her photographs throughout this site.

Bill Ellzey
Internationally recognized photographer, Bill’s photographs of a Green burial at the Crestone Cemetery enhance several pages of the website.

Chris Manfield
Chris provided the stunning photo of the pyre site under the Milky Way on the CEOLP home page. See more of Chris’ work at:

Jo Anne Kiser
Nationally known landscape painter. Images from a watercolor that she did of the cremation site appear throughout the website.

Taylor McIntosh
Professional photographer. Black and white photography shown throughout the website.

Yva Momatiuk
Photographer and writer (read her observations under Testimonials)

Lori Nagel
Lori’s forte is catching community members as they go about their business serving others. One of her photos is featured on the IFC Advance Directives page.

Adam Sekuler
Filmmaker-documentarian of films including Open Air, that features the Crestone End of Life Project’s open-air cremation site. The film is described as, “An altar, in the open air, on the side of a mountain, surrounded by about 90 people, we witness the passing from flesh to ash.”

Benjamin Byer and Michelle Beelendorf Byer and Cloud Station
Gratitude to Michelle and Benjamin for hosting IFC events in the beloved community gathering place they have created.