PO Box 1216, Crestone, CO 81131 informedfinalchoices@gmail.com

“A Beginner’s Guide to the End” Course

Informed Final Choices will offer a 6-session online course
based on BJ Miller’s book, A Beginner’s Guide to the End:
Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death. The program
offers a holistic approach to advance planning and personal
reflection on end-of-life issues, including those that emerge with
a terminal diagnosis and how to create and participate in a
compassionate circle of support.
Starting Saturday, April 10, the course will take place via Zoom
in 1½-hour sessions beginning at 10 a.m. for six Saturdays
(through May 15). Each session will generally follow a section
of the Miller book, with time for reflection, discussion,
questions, and sharing. There will be structured contemplative
exercises for engaging more directly with the material being
We encourage participants to have a copy of the Miller book to
gain full benefit from the course. The book is available in
several formats, including digital.
The course fee is $25. We request that interested participants
contact IFC to register by April 9.
To register, or for further information, or to receive a phone
response, email informedfinalchoices@gmail.com.
Enter “Miller Course” in the subject line. Dr. Vreeland or
Stephanie Gaines will respond.

Coming in March: CEOLP registration party and Art & Dying workshop

The Crestone End of Life Project will host an in-person
registration party Saturday, March 6 from 10am to noon at
the Church of the Little Shepherd Fellowship Hall in
downtown Crestone.
Assistance with completing registration forms, notarization
and copying will be available on site, along with light
refreshments. A $10 requested donation covers forms and
copying. Notary services are $5 per page, approximately
$15-20 in total. Bring contact information of your physician
and representatives, CEOLP registration forms will be
available, as well as The 5 Wishes and Patient Rights
Four half-hour periods will accommodate 5 registrants per
half-hour. For more information or to reserve your space,
call CEOLP registrar Denise Peine 256-4644, call or text
Stephanie Gaines at 588-6591, or
Leave your name, phone number and preferred time,
10am, 10:30am,11:00am, or 11:30am. All COVID
protocols will be observed; please wear a mask.

Anyone already registered with CEOLP, who wishes to
update your registration documents is welcome to the
party, or may contact Denise anytime. She can easily
make your registration papers available and assist in any

Art & Dying: Embracing Loss & Mortality through
Contemplative Arts, an immersive online-Zoom workshop,
is set for Sat., March 13 from
9 am to 4 pm. This is an invitation to saturate ourselves
with color, compassion, and community fellowship; as we
explore our personal relationships with loss and death
through creative inquiry. Throughout the day we will gently
deepen our journey, balancing our time between quiet
inner contemplation and group sharing. We’ll work with
tissue paper and glue, journaling, and simple embodiment.
No prior art experience needed!
Facilitated by artist and art educator Noah and artist and
death midwife Allison Wonderland. Jo delAmor will offer
experienced tech support. Extra tech support will be
available prior to the workshop, as needed. Optional tech
tutorial also offered 8am-8:30am on day of workshop.
Pre-registration required by March 3.
Contact Allison: adralawonderland@gmail.com 508-237-
$50 fee, with scholarships available. Art material kits will
be provided prior to the event.

Please visit our website, www.informedfinalchoices .To
join our mailing list, contact

Look for events planned for April and May: Death Cafes;
Home Funeral and Alternative Disposition workshop; The
Beginner’s Guide To The End: A Contemplative and
Practical Advance Directives workshop.

Thanking COVID Staff

How to Best Thank Those Who Offer Compassionate
Care During the Pandemic
When Rosie Eastman, RN joined last month’s CEOLP/IFC
monthly Zoom meeting, she spoke about her experience
working with COVID ICU patients. Another meeting
participant asked Rosie how best to thank those who serve
in this way, since most of us have no personal connection
with these hardworking healthcare workers.
Rosie’s response was simple. Here are some things that
would be very appreciated: a kind handwritten note or card
sent to a hospital’s COVID floor, a bouquet of flowers, gift
cards, or, where permitted, home-baked treats. Also, the
opportunity for time away to renew and refresh is
important. If you have a second home or Airbnb, you could
offer a stay at a discounted rate or without charge.
Simply taking a moment each day to consider those on the
frontlines of service and sending a warm wish for their
wellbeing can be a great gift.