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Advance Directives Workshop

“The information that was shared, the speaker and the people present, were all so interesting and engaging.”

The purpose of the Advance Directives workshop is to:

  • Provide information, resources and materials on disposition choice; individual/family rights and the importance of advance directives – the legal documentation that constitutes directives for the individual’s end of life wishes.
  • Examine alternative and conventional funeral options.
  • Demonstrate the steps for completing the various documents.

One of the most difficult situations for a person or family in the midst grief, is to be unable to fulfill their loved one’s end-of-life wishes because nothing was put in writing. Families are placed in a similar position if no directives have been given regarding life support or extreme medical intervention.

Advanced Medical Directives workshop in Crestone, CO

Recent studies show that those who have completed these advance directives documents prior to medical crisis have a better quality of life during illness, more successful communication with medical providers, and less accrual of medical expenses. Advance directives, living wills and various power of attorney documents can insure that the wishes of the individual will be followed and that family members will be informed of those wishes.

During this workshop, Informed Final Choices (IFC) will offer an overview on a broad range of related topics, with examples of the various documents that are necessary and links to websites that have downloadable forms.

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