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IFC History

Informed Final Choices (IFC), a non‐profit 501(c)3 educational organization, was formed to address to the growing need of individuals for clear information on end‐of‐life issues.

The Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) a 501(c)13 organization, established in 2007 to serve Crestone-area residents with alternatives to conventional disposition, required that those residents complete legal documents in order for CEOLP to provide services to them. It became evident that most individuals were unaware of what their rights and obligations were regarding end‐of‐life decisions.

When the CEOLP website was launched in 2009, it was even more apparent, through the many queries received, that others throughout the country were just as uninformed and sought access to materials and information that could support appropriate end‐of‐life decisions and their fulfillment.

The CEOLP Board of Directors and volunteers began to discuss and formulate a plan to create an autonomous educational outreach branch (now IFC) that was informed by the direct experience garnered in more than six years of service to Crestone residents. In 2012, a substantial donation was given to CEOLP by the Soaring Eagle Foundation for the express purpose of developing this educational entity.

Informed Final Choices was officially established January 1, 2013, and received IRS educational non‐profit status in December, 2013. In late October, 2013, a generous grant was made to IFC through the auspices of The Metabolic Studio, in association with the Annenberg Foundation. The grant has made possible the expansion and development of a range of workshop events, trainings and materials that address end-of‐life issues such as disposition choice; family‐directed home funerals; bereavement support and establishing local green burial cemeteries.

Informed Final Choices was designated a non‐profit /charitable with tax‐exempt status on December 30th, 2013, by the IRS Internal Revenue Service and in January of 2014 by the state of Colorado.