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Family-Directed Home Funeral: Responsibilities and Practical Skills

The most inspirational session of all. How exciting to think families, friends and neighbors have everything they need to begin today, making life and death better for all of us.

The purpose of the Family Directed Home Funeral workshop is to:

  • Review the steps for implementing a Home Funeral
  • Develop networking skills with local authorities, medical and funerary professionals
  • Consider the various steps in preparing the home environment; creating announcement, viewing and ceremony formats
  • Learn all aspects of preparing and caring for the body of the deceased

Being surrounded by family and friends at the time of one’s death, is a wish held by many.

The hospice movement has fulfilled this aspiration for individuals and their families. It is possible to maintain that circle of support and familiarity with the deceased, through family directed home funeral. This choice, in recent years, has found favor with many as they consider end-of-life issues and seek alternative options to conventional funeral services.

Care of the body became my forte, teaching me so many aspects of dying and relating to grieving families. Every death and family are unique, thus the lessons never end.

Informed Final Choices (IFC) offers in this workshop an overview of the responsibilities and skills needed to successfully plan and fulfill all aspects of a home funeral.

To request for information about this workshop, contact us today.

For more information, visit the National Home Funeral Alliance site.

I took a short training course from Michael One Wing on care of the body. She had detailed outline that she followed point by point…answering my questions and providing a foundation of confidence that I could perform these loving duties: a great gift to the one who had died and to ourselves as well.

– Death Café presenter experience