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Green Burial Workshop

The purpose of the Green Burial workshop is to:

  • Offer a survey of the various options within the range of ‘natural/green’ burial
  • Provide an outline for a three-pronged approach to establishing a green burial site
  • Address issues that can arise when considering rural private land burial

Recent surveys indicate that an increasing number of individuals are choosing green burial, cremation and family-directed home funerals rather than the conventional methods offered through current funeral home practices.

Two questions arise:

  1. What is in place to support the fulfillment of these wishes?
  2. How can faith groups, community organizations and extended families create a means for addressing these issues?

Informed Final Choices (IFC) has extensive practical experience to share with those inspired to investigate and establish alternative options.

NOTE: This workshop can be given in conjunction with other IFC offerings:
Developing A Community-based End-of-Life Support Group
Family-Directed Home Funeral: Responsibilities and Practical Skills

To request for information about this workshop, contact us today.