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Creating A Community Based End-of-Life Support Group

“This was an extremely valuable session for me because I hope to create a couple of end-of-life support groups in the Portland area.”

The purpose of the Creating a Community Based End-of-Life Support Group workshop is to help participants:

  • Identify community needs and areas of interest.
  • Attract participants and identify their skills and areas of interest.
  • Explore opportunities for networking with local, county and state agencies.
  • Determine what type of training might be needed, such as working with legal documents.
  • Create a simple format for organizing meetings, sharing information and engendering wider interest in support group participation.

“I was drawn to develop the presentation on creating community based end-of-life (EOL) support groups from my passion regarding the importance of addressing end-of-life issues and my background as a teacher, counselor and volunteer in both the Crestone End of Life Project and Informed Final Choices. It became evident to me, through my participation as a volunteer and in researching the growing trend in family-directed home funerals indicate the important role that these support groups can serve.”

– Marta Shoman, presenter

As a growing number of individuals consider non-conventional end-of-life options, it is important to recognize that those choices will need support towards fulfillment.

That support can be realized through compassionate, mindful and informed care provided through the service of a home funeral association. Organizing to establish a local green burial site; advising and encouraging neighbors to complete advance directives or simply hosting a Death Cafe event, can be means for creating a network of support.

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