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Bereavement Workshop

The purpose of the Bereavement workshop is to:

  • Develop an understanding of bereavement issues
  • Develop compassionate & practical skills for working with the bereaved
  • Explore methods that will assist participants in mindfully and skillfully addressing the needs of the bereaved
  • Provide materials and links to organizations that can offer further education and techniques for serving the bereaved.

There are many forms of loss and many ways to experience grief. Both loss and grief are aspects of bereavement: an organic process that can’t be metered out by days and months. It manifests, varying from individual to individual: it ebbs and flows in the lives of the grief-stricken. How can we bring compassionate care and practical advice to those in the midst of that life-changing process?

“I appreciated the chance to touch hearts with people in a way that we aren’t able to in ‘normal’ life. It was moving and meaningful to hear their experiences and feelings and thoughts, and how they are the same or different from mine.”

Informed Final Choices (IFC) will offer guidance to participants for developing empathetic skills to support the bereavement process. Active listening, mindful activity, assisting with practical life issues (ie, transferring vehicle titles, bank accounts, etc,) as well as simple relaxation and insight techniques will be covered.

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