Workshop to make copper site “sigil” plaques

Ever wonder how those gorgeous copper memorial plaques are made? Ever wonder what your “sigil” will be when your time comes?

Join Shahna Lax at this Crestone End of Life-sponsored event October 29-30 to learn how to make your own copper plaque. As of this posting, there are four spaces left, so please be sure to register today!

What to bring: Bring a fine toothed metal file (if available), a plastic or glass tray for etching that is slightly larger than 3 x 5 ½” and rubber gloves (surgical gloves are fine).

Bring a design 3” high x5 ½ wide” that includes a name or phrase on top (font size 36 – 40), a symbol in the center (~1” square), and numbers on the bottom in a font a little smaller than the one used for the name or phrase at the top (the numbers are for practice and can be cut off at a later if preferred).

The existing site plaques use Aunt Judy font for the top line and a more basic font (MoolBoran) for the numbers. Use whatever fonts you like best.

If it’s easy for you, create your design on a computer, print it and bring it with you.

If you do a hand drawn design just make sure all written lines have thickness similar to the plaques at the site. “Scrawls” don’t work. Bring something exact to transfer.

Dates: There will several breaks throughout both days as the copper is processing.

Thursday Oct 29th at 9:30 AM and Friday Oct 30th, 9:30 AM

Location: The 2nd house on the right up the road towards the mountains on Rendezvous Way in Chalet 1, between Badger and Panorama.  Same as the Carmelites only they are down the road.  If you know Mark Potter’s place, the location is up from there on the opposite side of the street.  A sign at the driveway entrance says “Studio Moresca.”

Contact info: Shahna can be reached via telephone at 256.5442.