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Home Funeral Choices

Photo by David Wright

Residents of the Crestone area have for many years been exploring options for home funerals, and in recent years the Crestone End of Life Project has worked to develop and spread awareness of these possibilities.  A wealth of knowledge pertaining to this area exists in our community.

There are a variety of options for people to deal with part or all of the process of caring for their loved one’s body after death. Please read more general info on the Informed Final Choices home funeral information page.

The Crestone End of Life Project supports area residents in any of the following choices:

  • To take terminally ill individuals who so desire out of medical facilities in order to die at home
  • To transport the deceased home rather than to a mortuary
  • To refuse to have the deceased embalmed
  • To have friends and family prepare the body and create a beautiful and peaceful home environment for visitors wishing to be with the deceased (for up to 72 hours)
  • To privately transport the deceased to:
    • A mortuary for cremation
    • A mortuary or cemetery for traditional burial
    • A legal open-air site for cremation
    • A chosen site for green burial

A function of the Crestone End of Life Project is to assist the families and friends of the deceased in planning meaningful, personalized rituals to mark the death of their loved one, and to assist, if necessary, in bringing those rituals to fruition.

Local Artisans and Businesses


Maha Lakshmi Gift Shop
Offering a range of silk and natural sari fabrics, oils and incense.
719.256. 4108


Lynn Drake, Ceramics
Handcrafted ceramic urns in a variety of shapes and sizes with an array of glazes.

Coffins and Stretchers

Blue Earth Design, Adam Kinney, Proprietor
Hand-built pine coffins and stretchers for green burial or conventional cremation.
719. 256.4889 / 719.480.2121

Memorial Plaques

Studio Moresca, Shahna Lax, Artisan
Unique and skillfully crafted memorial plaques and copperware.
719. 256.5442

Oils for anointing

Highest quality aromatic oils