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Caregiver Support Networks

Family members are often the chief caretakers for the terminally ill. Although family-based support can provide nourishment and intimacy for the dying person, the caregiving role can be very demanding and may strain the resources of the family. Since many services are needed to support the terminally ill and the family, the Crestone community has developed a caregiver network which includes a list of those who are able to provide services for pay, a list of those who are willing to provide volunteer services, and a caregiver support group that meets biweekly when there is sufficient interest. Additional support includes Hospice Del Valle in Alamosa, Neighbors Helping Neighbors (a community based crisis support program), the local food bank and County Social Services.

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If you are not a member of the Crestone community, we encourage you to investigate what services are available in your community to support the terminally ill and their families or other caregivers. There are services to help caregivers in most communities, and the cost is often based on ability to pay or is covered by the care receiver’s insurance. Services that may be available in your community include – home health aides, home-delivered meals, respite care, transportation services, and skilled nursing.