Copper art by Shahna Lax Benefits CEOLP

Talented Crestone artist Shahna Lax creates the copper
plaques that are placed on posts at the cremation site in
commemoration of those CEOLP has served. Shahna also
designs and produces beautiful handmade copper and cedar

candle settings and aromatic cedar memory boxes to honor
loved ones who have passed on.

Photo credit: (copyright)
When you purchase Shahna’s work through her Etsy site
and mention CEOLP in the comments box at checkout,
Shahna will generously donate 13 % to the Crestone End of
Life Project. If you live in the Crestone area and plan to
pick up your purchase rather than having it shipped, use the
coupon code PICKUP, to eliminate shipping charges.
Shahna also welcomes visits to her Crestone studio, Studio
Moresca, to view and purchase items in person. The same

Photo credit: (copyright)

13% donation applies to all copper art that sells for under
$1000 in her studio, including jewelry, mirrors, platters,
and made-to- order pieces. Please call ahead if you plan to
visit, and be sure to mention CEOLP.
(719) 256-5442