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CEOLP/IFC Monthly Zoom meeting April 14, 7PM  MDT

CEOLP/IFC Monthly Zoom meeting April 14, 7PM  MDT  To receive agenda and Zoom link, join the mailing list at this site.

MAID Documentary

When Patients Choose to End Their Lives

Thanking COVID Staff

How to Best Thank Those Who Offer Compassionate Care During the Pandemic When Rosie Eastman, RN joined last month’s CEOLP/IFC monthly Zoom meeting, she spoke about her experience working with COVID ICU patients. Another meeting participant asked Rosie… Read More

The Movement to Bring Death Closer

“If death practices reveal a culture’s values,” writes Maggie Jones, the author of today’s Sunday Read, “we choose convenience, outsourcing, an aversion to knowing or seeing too much.” Enter home-funeral guides, practitioners who believe families can benefit from… Read More


How to be a Caregiver: https://www.nytimes.com/guides/well/how-to-be-a-caregiver

Dr’s Advice In A COVID-19 Unit.

I’m A Doctor In A COVID-19 Unit. Here’s One Vital Step I Wish Everyone Would Take.

A Conversation About “A Good Death”

“Earlier this year, six Black leaders in the death and dying community joined for a live webinar, Sayin’ It Louder: A Conversation About “A Good Death” in a Racist Society. Whether you were there live or have watched… Read More

Palliative Care

Dying in Your Mother’s Arms


I had never told my father I loved him until he lay dying half a world away, body wrecked with coronavirus.