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As Vietnam Veterans Age, Hospices Aim to Meet Their Needs

In addition to high rates of disability and psychological issues, some vets facing the end of life are confronting long-suppressed memories of the traumas of war.

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Oct. 19: Art to Contemplate Mortality Workshop

Here is another opportunity to gently open yourself to the
transformational power of facing our shared human reality.
Saturday, Oct. 19, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with location
information when you sign up. $50 fee includes materials
and refreshments. Led by artist and death midwife Allison
Wonderland and somatic/art therapist Judith Oakland, with
artist and art educator Noah Baen. This hands-on workshop
intersperses periods of meditative quiet and reflection with
immersive, even playful forms of art expression.
Intentionally approachable and inspiring art materials and
simple techniques with tissue paper and Soul Collage will
be easy, even fun for anyone. No art experience is required.
“We’ll use the senses to get beyond mental thoughts and
concepts and engage heart and spirit in an exploration of
personal questions as we sink deeply into the emotional and
spiritual levels, and the unknown,” Noah says. Limited
space; limited scholarship support is available. Contact
Noah to register: noahbaen@yahoo.com, 917-392-6962

CEOLP and End of Life Issues Featured in New HBO Films

In mid-August, two films related to end-of-life issues, directed and produced by Perri Peltz and Matthew O’Neill (of HBO’s “Axios”), were released by HBO Documentaries.

The Crestone End of Life Project and the late Aliyah Alexander are the subject of the short (13-minute) documentary, Funeral Pyre, an on-demand release for subscribers.

Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America offers a fascinating look at the varied ways Americans are choosing to both find meaning and celebrate life as it comes to an end. With attitudes about death and end-of-life choices rapidly changing, 2018 was the first time more Americans chose cremation over more expensive, traditional burials, disrupting the $16 billion a year funeral industry. As the baby boomer generation approaches death, more and more people are rethinking the ways end of life is recognized and are deciding to take control of what will happen when they die. Touching and heartfelt, the documentary spotlights a subject some might rather avoid, and presents it in a positive and thought-provoking manner — featuring stories of empowerment instead of avoidance.

Alternate Endings (1 hr. 8 min.) can be streamed on demand for subscribers until Sept. 18, 2019 from HBO’s website. It will be aired on television on these dates: Fri. Sep 13 at 12:45 am (Mountain Time) on HBO2; Fri., Sep 27 at 1:22 am MT on HBO LATINO; and Fri., Sep 27 at 1:25 am MT on HBO. www.hbo.com/documentaries

What I Learned Photographing Death

Documenting the final moments between critically ill children and their families helped me come to terms with my cancer diagnosis.

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An Oral History of CEOLP

How did the Crestone End of Life Project come to be? What was involved in getting it off the ground, and how does it work? A public informational event in Crestone in late April provided clear, articulate and interesting answers to these and other often-asked questions. Listen to the audio from that event below: