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Revised COVID Restrictions Affect CEOLP Cremation Ceremonies

Revised COVID Restrictions Affect CEOLP Cremation Ceremonies

The recent revisions of COVID-19 restrictions have opened the possibility of the Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) once again offering cremation ceremonies, with adapted protocols.

All cremations will be limited to a total of 50 participants, including CEOLP volunteers integral to the process. Families of the deceased will extend invitations, emphasizing that attendance is by “invitation only.”

No public announcements will be posted, either physically around town or on social media.

All participants will be required to wear masks and to socially distance.

CEOLP was able to perform cremations on two occasions within the last month. Both were intimate, moving, and deeply heartfelt in fulfilling the wishes of those who had died and their families.

CEOLP volunteers are available to assist families with home funeral and ceremonies associated with burial at the Crestone Town Cemetery.

Along with the COVID protocols, CEOLP operates under certain self-imposed rules:

1. No cremations if a fire ban is in effect.
2. No cremations if there are not sufficient CEOLP volunteers available to provide the highest level of service.
3. All those wanting to be served by CEOLP, either cremation or burial at Crestone Town Cemetery, must be registered with CEOLP.

Visit informedfinalchoices.org for more information and registration forms.

Cielo Azul offers natural burial for local pets

Death comes for us all, including beloved animals whose lives often seem tragically short compared to ours. With a vision of offering pet parents a tranquil, natural spot to honor their beloved cats and dogs, volunteers created Crestone’s pet cemetery, Cielo Azul, in 2018.


The Town of Crestone provided land for Cielo Azul. Follow Galena west to the Crestone cemetery. From there, a 10 minute walk west brings you to Cielo Azul’s site, nestled among pinyon, juniper, grasses and cactus. Rock lined paths access the 90+ numbered grave sites.

Several local artists’ contributions enhance the site. William Bartley created the beautiful steel entrance gate and Paul Kloppenburg crafted the colorful memorial kiosk. The kiosk has bench seating for rest and reflection.

Cielo Azul follows the general rules for a natural burial site. Dogs and cats may be buried in a shroud or other natural material. Cremains may be also be buried. Pet parents hand dig the graves and decorative items can be placed to personalize and adorn the plot.

Cielo Azul is open to all animal residents of Saguache county, especially those in the Crestone/Baca area. The pet cemetery is administered by the Town of Crestone. Come to Town Hall at the corner of Galena and Alder Monday through Thursday, 9-2 to pick up a map of the grave sites. A $25 fee is requested for a small plot with slightly higher fees for larger spaces.

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