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Art & Dying: Embracing Mortality through Art

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This workshop provides a rare opportunity to explore in depth our experiences, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes toward dying and death, using simple art materials, imagination, and heart, along with other art forms such as music.

“This workshop took me to places in myself I’d long hoped were there. I not only found the places, but am able to own them. There is more to me than I knew or expected.”

The hands-on and contemplative event, sponsored by IFC, intersperses periods of meditative quiet and reflection with immersive, even playful forms of art expression and song. Intentionally “kindergarten-level” art materials—torn tissue paper and glue—will be approachable and easy for anyone to use. No art or singing experience is required.

“We’ll use the senses to get beyond mental thoughts and concepts and engage heart and spirit in an exploration of personal questions as we sink deeply into the emotional and spiritual levels, and the unknown,” Noah says. The experience takes place within a safe, open, supportive and non-judgmental environment that honors and shares the diversity of people’s experiences and attitudes.

“The ‘silent’ color meditations were powerful in setting the tone for the day. I really appreciate the opportunity to ‘work’ and ‘play’ in silence.”

Facilitators include Noah Baen, an artist and art educator, and Anrahyah Arstad, trained as a social worker and family counselor and a practicing psychic and lifelong educator. Contributing the element of soothing, simple song throughout the day will be Patricia Eagle, a professional Life-Cycle Celebrant and former Threshold Choir leader based in the southern San Luis Valley. Eagle’s music will provide a gentle melodic flow to the day and help focus concentration on the heart. Other facilitators may be included for this workshop, with their profiles and bios added to individual workshop event listings.

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