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Art of Dying: 25th Anniversary Virtual Event

Art of Dying: 25th Anniversary Virtual Event – Open Center https://www.opencenter.org/art-of-dying-25/

Dying 7 Living

https://sand.dyingliving.com/vision/ Join Science and Nonduality (SAND) for a 5-day immersive online experience with leading scientists, philosophers, artists and spiritual teachers. SAND is a place for an open-hearted, authentic connection with a community of people who are drawn to… Read More

Naming the Lost Memorials 

Naming the Lost Memorials  invites your participation in a  Labor of Mourning September 7th-September 11th A nationwide week of memorial-making to name, remember, and honor  nearly  200, 000 essential Americans lost to Covid-19… Join Us!    For more information and to sign… Read More

Palliative Care

Dying in Your Mother’s Arms


I had never told my father I loved him until he lay dying half a world away, body wrecked with coronavirus.

Covid-19 Related Articles

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An offering from the IFC/CEOLP Joint Board and Volunteers.

An offering from the IFC/CEOLP Joint Board and Volunteers. To our online community. A warm greeting to all of you who are part of our online community- and to those who may be visiting the informedfinalchoices.org website for… Read More

Why millennials are the “death positive” generation

https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2020/1/15/21059189/death-millennials-funeral-planning-cremation-green-positive Unlike boomers, young people are embracing planning their own funerals. It’s fueling changes in the death industry.

The iPhone at the Deathbed

Families are photographing death at home. These photos may feel jarring on Facebook, but the practice itself has a long history. “The impulse to photograph is the same as it was for the Victorians. They want to show… Read More