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Write Your Own Obit

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/19/well/write-your-own-obit.html Far from seeming narcissistic, undertaking a self-obituary can be a form of summation and of caregiving for those who may be in need of direction after we are gone.

A beautiful 8-minute video about death doula Alua Arthur.

A beautiful 8-minute video about death doula Alua Arthur, who helps people prepare for death physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A new book by Caitlin Doughty, From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death, includes an entire chapter on CEOLP.

“The best-selling author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes expands our sense of what it means to treat the dead with ‘dignity.’ Fascinated by our pervasive fear of dead bodies, mortician Caitlin Doughty set out to discover how other cultures… Read More

Life Cycles—Yizkor memorial candle settings by artist Shahna Lax

Chaim, the Hebrew word for “Life,” is structured in the form of a double plural. Just like yadaim, “hands,” and oznaim, “ears.” (And yes, mayim, “water,” has the same form). The single word for LIFE carries an intrinsic… Read More

Physician Aid in Dying Gains Acceptance in the U.S.

For a broader understanding of what is involved in implementing ‘death with dignity’ laws, read the following article that appeared in the New York Times: “Physician Aid in Dying Gains Acceptance in the U.S.” by Paula Span for… Read More

Funeral Home Resource

Anna Louise Stewart, the CEOLP Outreach coordinator, has written a new article/blog post titled “End-of-Life Options” for the Funeral Home Resource website. An excerpt can be read here, click the link below for the full article. “. …. Read More

No reason for controversy over end-of-life planning

For doctors like me, and anyone who has been at the bedside of a dying person, end-of-life planning can make at least some order out of chaos. And such planning appears to be gaining acceptance, according to a… Read More

Seven Ponds Blog: An Interview with Stephanie Gaines

The Crestone End-of-Life Project director/founder Stephanie Gaines talks to us about her organization and its singular open-air cremation site. Read the complete 2-part interview at the Seven Ponds Blog-site.